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We have built the EMS-Key; designed to be used within a temporary traffic light system, which has been optimised for emergency service vehicles.

This was done by implementing an RFID transmitter and receiver system. Vehicle drivers will be provided with a transmitter tag to scan when approaching the lights, which will then be changed in favour of the emergency vehicle, reducing delays, and increasing efficiency so they can arrive at their destination sooner.


There were several challenges our team had to navigate during the design and build of our product.

Firstly, we needed to divide the workload. We achieved this by discovering our team members strengths and weaknesses, and assigned tasks we felt would suit each team member individually; these were divided into the more practical circuit building, device coding, website development and photoshop skills.

Furthermore, we all had to make an effort to attend the sessions, finding the time to contribute to the product to achieve the best results possible; this meant managing time between work life and other module assessments.