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Our Goal to Improve Road Safety

Our project at Cyber-Avengers is deliver a product that contributes to the safety and convenience to the travel industry.

Road safety and the amount of emergency vehicles involved in accidents is a growing issue that is yet to have a definitive fix. This is shown by a report from 2018 that shows emergency vehicle fatality rates being over 4.8 times higher than the national average, and an estimated 6,500 accidents involving just ambulances each year. We aim to aid this by decreasing the likelihood of crashes by increasing the safety of the vehicle’s routes. Our prototype product will be a step towards improving the safety of roads when emergency vehicles are on them. (EMS Matters, 2019)

Impact on the Market

Research in 2019 suggested that the global road safety market will rise 11.2% from 2020 to 2027 (Research, 2020).

This means we are entering a growing industry, with the potential for our new product to take advantage of this and gain a consistent customer base for a long period of time.

The Future

The future of our product relies on finding an investor able to get the exposure needed.

We feel with the right clients and resources, we could upgrade our prototype with better materials and build quality, along with additional products that work alongside the EMS-Key.

This along with being connected with the right companies, could result in taking our product to a larger scale, used in temporary traffic light systems across the UK.


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